Time to leave violence behind us – it’s an insult to the universe and towards life

I would like to say that there are reasons to value life more.

What I write about may sound too abstract for some, but it’s very real. I realize that this message is probably in vain in the seemingly short-sighted minds of the assailants, but hopefully it might help to open perspectives up a little.

There is evidence that the age of the universe is approximately 13.8 billion years. That means everything that has happened since the beginning of time had to happen just the way it did for you, me and our fellow human beings to be here on planet Earth. We are made up of substances that has materialised at the heart of stars that has exploded – substances like carbon and oxygen. Hence, to say that we are ”children of the stars” is quite accurate.

There is evidence that Earth is about 4.6 billion years old. Life here probably began about 3-4 billion years ago. In this universe, it seems very unusual for life to develop the way it has here on planet Earth. Thus, the things that life on this planet has been through – during this unfathomably long period – is profoundly remarkable. It is the very cause of our existence. In our dwelling here on planet earth, we are part of a much larger context than most of us think about in our everyday lives. In light of this, we have good reason to be humble towards life and care for each other and respect one another.

The idea of resolving conflicts with violence from this point of view becomes completely absurd.

All life on Earth is related, thus all of humankind is connected. We are all humans. With a skull. With a life. On what basis does one human being have the right to harm another? This harm is a disgrace to the universe and to life when it happens.

The contrary stance would be to show love and empathy towards others and taking action to show humbleness towards the life we have got. In doing so, we also bring our fellow human beings joy.

So come on humans, show some humanity! Let’s leave violence behind us!

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